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From: Gareth Henson <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] SNP Breakthrough for I1*-AS
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 19:55:40 +0000
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I agree - from a utility point of view the opposite of a "private" SNP which is only seen in one cluster of close relatives is not a SNP which is found in almost all of a haplogroup (or major subgroup), but one which splits the larger group roughly 50-50.

It is the splitting SNPs which should be the first round tests in SNP testing, not the older, predictable (and boring) backbone ones.


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> Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 10:01:16 -0700
> Subject: Re: [DNA] SNP Breakthrough for I1*-AS
> I have alerted the head of the Hamilton project to recruit someone from the
> Group A and Group B Hamiltons to take the L338 test.
> I hope many people read your quote from Dr. Krahn. Once a new snp is found
> in a large population like I1*, the later tests which turn up ancestral are
> just as important as those turning up derived. Purpose of snps is to
> clarify the branching of a tree --- separation of different subhaplogroups.
> A snp which everyone is ancestral or everyone is derived is sort of boring.
> Ken
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> Subject: Re: [DNA] SNP Breakthrough for I1*-AS
> > List,
> >
> > It seems as though I was the I1* (I1-AS (generic)) WTY participant who
> > tested ancestral for L338. Dr. Thomas Krahn's words:
> >
> > "Unfortunately we have not found a new SNP in your sequences. However we
> > have found that your L338 result is ancestral. This is at least as
> > important as a new SNP because previous I-M253 WTY participants have been
> > L338+. From this finding it looks like L338 represents a significant
> > division in between the I1 branches. Without your participation we may
> > have not discovered the importance of L338."
> >
> > My FT DNA kit number is 148532 and my ysearch ID is 7PGXX. I also ordered
> > the L338 test for my maternal grandfather's line (Fernandes, FT DNA kit
> > number: 172172). Besides the deeper understanding of I1 followed by this
> > discovery, I am curious as to how the Frame and Hamilton clusters will
> > test for L338.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Aaron Torres

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