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From: "Diana Gale Matthiesen" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] SNP Breakthrough for I1*-AS
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 16:45:10 -0500
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We have descended into a quibble over what "rare" means. How about
substituting, "rarely found"? Your own example makes the point: it took a
humongous expenditure of resources to find this single SNP.

Minor point: SNPs aren't "robustly dividing." A locus simply has or has not
mutated into the polymorphic state. 99.9% of the human genome is *not*

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> If SNPs are not
> > comparatively rare, making them difficult to find, why is finding one
> > such a "breakthrough"?
> Much of your question above should be addressed to those who spend the money
> and materials) to find snps right now.
> They don't come to be known to us for free. Just look at the economics of
> Searching 100,000 loci costs big bucks per person, even when the lab can count
> multiple searches on that same tiny segment of the y.
> But it does not take much counting to conclude snps are not rare in the full y
tree ---
> simply waiting to be discovered.
> Now the folks in R1b...... are perhaps jaded by now with the number of snps
found in
> their haplogroups during the last couple years, so whether a "breakthrough"
could ever
> happen for them, I don't know.
> But there has not been a robustly dividing snp found for I1* EVER until now
--- hence the
> "breakthrough" talk. (I don't mean to slight M227 which isolates a tiny
subhaplogroup of
> I1 found preferentially in more easterly Europe. And L22, as useful as it is,
> retagged a robust division of I1 previously established on the basis of STR
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