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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] L338 for I-M253-ML ? - att Ken
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 11:05:27 -0700
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Yes, s3svy belongs in I1-ML. Checking that clade out I find no snp tests at
all. I don't even know whether it is L22+ or ancestral? Probably someone
in the clade has taken L22 test, but I don't have result.

So I'd say s3svy ought to take L338 test unless I hear from someone of the
clade who has tested L22+ ???????

ML originally was inspired from "missing link". This clade has the clashing
511 = 10 and 462 = 12. So knowing where it falls for L22 and L338 is

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From: "Julie Frame Falk" <>
> A researcher of one of my Frame A outlier lines has just ordered L338 for
> her tester. She is also asking me if it would be beneficial to Hap. I1
> research if she also orders this test for a cousin on her paternal side.
> His Ysearch ID is: S3SVY. She ran the predictor and he is:
> I-M253-ML =>96% I-M253-ASgen =>1% I-M253-AS2 =>1%
> Could you let me know if the L338 test for S3SVY will be helpful to you
> please?

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