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Subject: Re: [DNA] Is Columbus R1a?
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The original press release claims a list of historians who have been
convinced by the evidence--which makes the secrecy regarding DNA results all
the more maddening.
World-renowned Prof. Joaquim Verissimo Serrao, ex-Dean of the University of
Lisbon, who wrote the Preface, declares that he "agrees one hundred per

"This book will forever change the way we view our history," says Prof. Jose
Carlos Calazans of Lusofona University in Lisbon.

Prof. Antonio Vicente, History Professor at Lisbon University, says, "For
the first time ever a book was written about Columbus without starting from
any preconceived certainties and every piece of the puzzle is explained
point by point."

"I never started out to look for Columbus," says Rosa, who works at Duke
University in North Carolina. "It was Columbus who came looking for me." His
journey began fortuitously with the translation of Mascarenhas Barreto's
1988 book about a Portuguese secret agent.
"'Another nutty conspiracy theory!' That's what I first supposed as I
started to read ... I now believe that if Columbus is guilty of huge fraud
carried out over two decades against his patrons," wrote professor James T.
McDonough, Jr., who taught at St. Joseph's University for 31 years.

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