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From: "Ian Logan" <>
Subject: [DNA] Predicted structures for mtDNA peptides
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 14:35:03 -0000


Modelling of proteins seems all the rage nowadays ...

So I have had a go at using 'prediction software'
to model the mtDNA peptides; with the expectation
that this might give some idea of the effect
of a non-synonymous mutation. See:

The models show the peptides all appear to have
'alpha helices' and 'linking loops'.

And, certainly the effect of some mtDNA mutations
can be described very well.

However there are still many problems and I am not at all sure
the 'prediction software' is producing accurate diagrams.

It is possible to convert the simply 2D diagrams to 3D models,
which can be very pretty. But until I have got more correct
diagrams - I am not sure this is really beneficial.

I hope you like the diagrams ..

And, if anyone knows more about this sort of thing I shall
be very pleased to hear from you.


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