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From: Kathy Johnston <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Provenance of a DNA segment (importanceofphasedhaplotypes)
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 18:14:19 -0500

> I think that we do these autosomal tests for
> two primary reasons:
> 1. To confirm what we think is true.
> In other words to make sure that
> there aren't NPEs in the lineages that
> we think are true by testing various
> relatives and comparing their results to our own.
> 2. To break through genealogical brick walls.
> I think that targeted testing is one of the
> most important ways that people should be
> using these autosomal tests. <snip>

I agree that targeted testing is the best way to use these tests. But there are also those who are just curious. It seems like the majority of genealogists are ordering these autosomal tests to see if they will get new insights into their distant past. Sometimes by chance, happiness just happens. This usually occurs when you are able to contact relatives you did not know you had.

I can think of at least three examples with Relative Finder (which has a larger database than Family Finder right now) that involve common ancestors back at least 5 generations.
One cousin thought she helped me break through a brick wall. I have yet to see the documentation. Another had stories about famous ancestors. It was the oral tradition of the peasant girl who got knocked up by the Duke and was sent off to the New World with a bag of coins. The third happens to be somebody I had already met in the genetic genealogy community but I did not know we were cousins. His father had done some research I had not seen and I found a book that he had not seen.

I suppose a good search engine could get you similar information but not everybody puts their personal information on the Internet. At least having a pedigree along with the DNA evidence supports the connection and you might just learn something new in the process.

Kathy J.

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