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From: "Debbie Kennett" <>
Subject: [DNA] Bringing Enlightenment to the Natives
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 12:20:51 -0000
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Ann Turner said: "If it's any help, I do have a high regard for Alastair
Greenshields of DNA Heritage. He was active on the GENEALOGY-DNA mailing
list for a period of time and provided web space for files we wanted to
discuss. He also started Ybase, the first open-access Y-STR database, at a
time when the main companies had strictly proprietary databases. And Megan
Smolenyak and I quoted him several times in "Trace Your Roots with DNA."

Thanks Ann for your reassurances. The problem I'm having with these two
people on Rootschat is that they don't like the idea of spending money on
the internet without knowing that there is a reputable company with a
physical office behind the website. That was the perceived problem with DNA
Heritage. I think I've now persuaded both people to come along to Who do you
think you are? Live in February where I hope we will all be able to deal
with their concerns.

It would be interesting to meet Alasdair Greenshields. I've always thought
it a great pity that he and DNA Heritage have never taken the trouble to
come to WDYTYAL.

Ann Turner

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