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Subject: Re: [DNA] Really Massive I1* German clade and L592?
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 20:34:16 -0400
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You can view the entire set of results (SNP and STR) for the I1-AS5 individual who discovered the L592 SNP at:

The family has the values you mentioned, except they are 12-14-15-15 at DYS464. He has not tested L343. Should he?

I have additional members of this family testing L592, plus an unrelated I1-AS9a, I1-AS1 (L338+), I1-ASgen2, and an I2b1.


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> Subject: [DNA] Really Massive I1* German clade and L592?
> I am seeing one of the biggest payoffs of the 68-111 marker set
> addition to our haplotypes. It involves a very large bunch of
> haplotypes in I1* which I spotted a couple years ago with:
> DYS393 = 14
> DYS447 = 22.
> By themselves those two identifiers don’t create enough probability
> rarity to talk clade, but at that time I saw them correlated also
> with 15 at DYS464. Now in the new marker set they are falling
> decisively with the non-normal values of:
> DYS497=15
> DYS549=13
> A large portion of this new clade has the unusual 14-14-15-15 at
> DYS464; whether that came from an old recLOH mutation or not I am
> not sure.
> I think we can now pull this very large population together as a
> very old and relatively ragged clade.
> It seems to be a cousin to I1-AS5 (with its rare DYS388=16), but how
> they are related is not evident yet to me. If I remember, an I1-AS5
> person recently did a WTY and found one new snp, L592. I’d
> recommend those of this “cousin” clade to test for this snp.
> How about L343? Did that I1-AS5 also find themselves derived for
> this new snp?
> Ken

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