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From: "Bob May" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] L592 seems private-like
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 13:28:07 +1000
References: <579BAEA458E14654968D0A2282E84F30@kenPC> <><D22CD88EF44941CE9D9D1E99A54CE02E@kenPC> <013101cc3cc9$9b6f2fb0$d24d8f10$> <9560122FA1E44B86A08783E36E09D02D@kenPC> <01b901cc3cf4$8fc263f0$af472bd0$><039601cc3cf7$a48d15c0$eda74140$@org>
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It was my understanding that a SNP was only Private when it has been proved
not to be in the general population.
Until such time it is normally referred to as (may be private, one confirmed
result) or (possibly private)or similar terms.
That is one of the reasons to conduct initial validation testing from
someone as close to the WTYs YDNA results who is not a known relation before
expanding the testing to a group within a project or the whole project.

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