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From: John German <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] The fate of R-L11 in Europe
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 23:17:18 -0400
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Quoting from Myres 2010: "Our highresolution SNP genotype results show
that the majority of Central and Western European haplogroups relate to
common M412 [aka L51] founders whose sub-clades display phylogeographic
and temporal patterns consistent with allele surfing at the periphery of

Looking at Myres's maps I think I see P312* was born on the wave of the
L11* west and south expansion to the Atlantic and into Iberia (and also
replacing its parent clade L11* in the receiving areas). But when I
look at the surviving numbers of L11* in the north and on Albion, I want
to believe that portion of the L11* expansion wave arrived in
Scandinavia before the birth of U106; this sub-class remained in
isolation there until the deteriorating climate forced the southward
migration during the Pre-Roman Iron Age. I think the presence of L11*
and L23* in Switzerland is the result of expansion up the alps into
isolation; I don't believe Switzerland is the L11* origin.

Unfortunately Myres used Zhiv dating which put U106 and P312 with the
LBK instead of with the Bell Beakers.

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