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From: Lplantagenet <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] The Barton DNA Project
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 15:13:41 -0500 (EST)

Next item - there is no "1200" years from a common ancestor of anything of the haplotype tree of those 47 individuals. It would have been a distinct and a separate branch on the tree in that or next to them branch. There is none with such an "age". Instead, next to that lineage of 47 men (with a common ancestor around 1600 AD) there is a branch with a common ancestor of 2400 ybp (400 BC), which is the ancestral branch to yours of 47 people. The 67 marker base haplotype of the older branch differs by 9.4 mutations from that of the younger (yours) branch, which confirms its ancestral nature, and fits with the both TMRCA.


So if the 67 marker base haplotype of my Britton family has a genetic distance of at least 10-12 from the 67 marker base haplotypes of its closest DNA matches (which have different surnames), then the common ancestor would have lived more than 2400YBP?


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