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Subject: Re: [DNA] 111-Marker Mution rates
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 13:17:47 -0000
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Hi Anatole

It's based on observed YHRD mutation rates plus those published by Ballantyne et al 2010 and Burgarella & Vasques 2010.

I found that these three sources gave results for 35 of the 111 markers. I then took observed variances in M222+ and L21+ and, using these, modelled the observed 35 mutation rates. I then used that model to re-estimate all 111 mutation rates.

By memory, I think John Chandler's estimated rates sum to .2243 over 67 markers. I know that he's expressed satisfaction with the rates 1-37 but has been more cautious about markers 38-67. Still, I don't think .2243 is far off.

If we then do a crude sanity check on the estimate of .41, we get

.2243 x 111 / 67 = .37

So I don't think .41 can be that far out.


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>My estimation for the sum of the mutation rates for FTDNA markers 1-111 is
just over 0.41
>Anyone else?

Dear Sandy,

How come? Based on what?

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