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From: Colin Ferguson <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] multi-copy at FTDNA -Mike W
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 13:49:20 -0800

Hi Mark,
No, I wasn't using the CSV export but simply copying data directly
from the screen into Excel 2010. It has nothing to do with McGee's
utilities, if I copy a row from the table at then the same
thing happens, i.e. Excel 2010 pastes it all into one cell when the
webpage is viewed with Firefox and when viewed with Google Chrome it
is pasted OK apart from an extra row that is inserted. I just ran a
check with IE and it worked fine, maybe its a conspiracy by Microsoft

All these hidden characters are sure a nuisance. I found that
multi-copy data converted by Dennis Wright's spreadsheet to one copy
per cell isn't recognized by Nordtvedt's Generations6; e.g. the row
labeled N(A) would display zero at YCAIIa and b. I made it work by
copying the data into Notebook and then back from Notebook into
Generations6. No visible change occurred to the data but now multicopy
markers were recognized and the row labeled N(A) displayed the correct

I'll probably give the MODE function a spin that Greg mentioned. I've
since figured out how to use CONCATENATE to combine multi-copy markers
from multiple cells to single cells so that SMGF and Ancestry data I
have in the old format can be integrated with data in the new format.
Now I have to work on column order since those old spreadsheets use
"extended 100 allele FTDNA format."

Anyway, these examples serve to illustrate Ken's original point about
difficulties avalanching by FTDNA putting multi-copy markers into a
single cell.
Happy Thanksgiving,

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