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From: "Belinda Dettmann" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Now what with personal page at FTDNA?
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 12:50:36 +1100
References: <B7F2F5A402204089A1AEBBB6445CDCB3@kenPC>,<><4C43F11A4C1A449E918CF961E6FD39CC@kenPC>,<>,<346703FC97A949AFAE2C8F29D5241D88@kenPC><COL106-W1028C9007AA141A105208D959B0@phx.gbl> <><E62EE0798C28446AA12CCA20D8CEE717@kenPC> <000001cccda5$d891e640$89b5b2c0$><CC61FE5515004631B3291968C848153A@kenPC>
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Well, there's your likely answer. You'll have to argue this one with FTDNA.

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From: Belinda Dettmann

have you ordered a deepclade test in the past?

[[I would not be caught heavily intoxicated ordering a deep clade test. I
think them a product comparable to that Riddax gadget you plug into your
house electric lines "to keep rats and bugs away". ]]

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