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From: SVass <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Now what with personal page at FTDNA?
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 13:12:15 -0800
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The answer FTDNA was not correct. As M'Soft is a "local" company to me and they have hired a few of my former co-workers and during my career I was associated with critical software development, I can attest to the fact that some of their designs have not been tested to the extremes. It is similar to testing chemical reactions only at room temperatures or testing gravity equations only at weights obtainable within an earth lab and assuming that the results can be extrapolated. Their designs are infamous for randomly changing user interfaces and not being well de-bugged prior to release. Once, I complained to their software coder about an embedded arithmetic error in an Excel function and was told that I must be a mathematician to care.

Note that only my wife gets software support from me and I do not charge lots of money; however, I have used a Macintosh for more than twenty years. My advice to my fellow Mac users has been to substitute NeoOffice for MS Office as it does not appear to break nearly as often.

Sam Vass

On Jan 8, 2012, Kenneth Nordtvedt wrote:

> Who are the "they" who fix and break IE on your PC? People around here
> charge lots of money to come out and play with PCs not working right.

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