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From: "Kenneth Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Question regarding Markers DYS459 and DYS464
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 17:02:17 -0700
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postscript: Actually, I do find a few of the subclade 11-11-14-16 = 464
Isles Scot L126+ with 111 markers, and indeed they show two more STRs
separating their clade from main body.

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From: Kenneth Nordtvedt

And here is a case for the future. L126+ Isles Scot haplogroup is mainly
11,11,14,15 at 464 and 13/29 at 389. But there is a substantial population
within L126+ with 16 at 464d and 14/30 at 389 but otherwise essentially
indistinguishable from the main body of L126+ over 67 markers. I have
little doubt a concerted campaign would not find one or more snps to tag the
464d = 16 and 389 = 14/30 subclade population from the main body. Short of
such a campaign, I would guess that the 68-111 panel of STRs will back up
this subclade distinction, but I don't believe any member has yet expanded
his haplotype to 111 markers. KN]]

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