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From: Linda <>
Subject: [DNA] Does anyone think they still own their group?
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 09:10:56 -0600

Hello Fellow FTDNA Admins,

Being the 29th day of February and all that which everyone knows is magic.

And then with sort of like being in wonderland out here in the Ozark
Mountains with the wind howling and lightning and trees blowing around
all night and all that natural magic makes me wonder if any of you FTDNA
admins still think you own your FTDNA group?

A number of changes within GAP2 caused me to think that FTDNA was
changing their legal status of dealing with their groups and the
volunteer admins who "own" the groups.

An additional method of making a payment for a donation on a group
project home page last night gave me further pause after reading the
posts here yesterday about Heritage Finder and then the further news
from the FTDNA rep in response to the posts here.

Someone can, hopefully, tell me it ain't so. I would welcome that


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