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From: "Alister John Marsh" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Does anyone think they still own their group?
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 12:03:35 +1300
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If you or someone else asked to start a Conroy project at My Heritage, the
"system" would probably sent you via the FTDNA system which would require
you to obtain FTDNA approval to open a Conroy project. At that point FTDNA
may not let you start another Conroy project if an active one exists. But
it would be interesting to see how this does work in practice.

It also slightly concerned me that My Heritage list the Marsh Project as
zero participants, but FTDNA list it as over 100, and in total it has over
180. It did cross my mind that persons entering the system via My Heritage
would think that no Marsh project existed, and would not seek to join. Or
as you note, there might be a risk of a competing project being started,
perhaps under a different variant of your surname.


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From: Paul Conroy
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: [DNA] Does anyone think they still own their group?

Hi All,

I run the Conroy Family DNA Project, and used to have random people joining
1. Didn't have a listed name or even close
2. Didn't tell me anything about their family/DNA

So I made the group invite only, and new members have to fill out some

So the upshot is that My Heritage doesn't have any Conroy project. The
slightly troubling think is that when I search for Conroy, it says not
found and suggests I create such a project. Since I don't want a competing
Conroy project, should I make the Conroy project a totally open project
again, or is there any way for me to signal that I WANT My Heritage to use
the existing Conroy project??


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