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Subject: Re: [DNA] Does anyone think they still own their group? Copyrightissues?
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 13:46:27 +1300
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When I started my privately owned web site, I considered putting a copyright
notice on it, but I presumed it would be next to impossible to enforce. I
did not include it in the end, although the thought crosses my mind from
time to time.

I don't know much about copyright law. I want information to be freely
available to people of my surname, so some things I feel need to be on the
web site to achieve it's purpose. But whether legally I have any copyright
claim or not, once the data is on line, it it very difficult to enforce how
it is used by people who access it.

I would not be pleased if I thought that people were copying the
information, claiming it as their own, and selling it, or requiring
subscriptions for access to it.

It would be good if some on this list who understand something of copyright
law could suggest a generic type of copyright message we could all put on
our private Y-DNA project web sites to restrict their use. I don't think we
want to stop people of our surname using the information for family
purposes, but I don't think we want someone to copy all of our web sites,
claim ownership of them, and sell them to others. Whilst a copyright message
in practice might be difficult to enforce, it might be a nominal tool to use
in the face of any blatant misuse of the information by unauthorized people.


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On Feb 29, 2012, at 5:34 PM, Alister John Marsh wrote:

> The reality is that once you make something public on the internet,
> you lose
> control of it, regardless of what theoretically is copyright or
> not. If
> information on web sites is kept to the general level, the damage from
> pirating or misuse is less.

Do you consider the data on your site copyrighted?


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