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Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andme test vs. mtDNA full sequencing for genealogy
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 15:05:52 -0700 (PDT)
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As others have mentioned, which test to get depends on what you want to learn, or what hypothesis you wish to test. I am more interested in genealogy than anthropology or health issues. So when it comes to mtDNA, I suggest not only *not* doing a complete genome sequence, but I wouldn't even do HVR2. The bottom-of-the-barrel HVRI test (now $59) is enough for my purposes.
>From a personal genealogical advancement perspective, when I find a match, I am still going to have to email the match and go over the traditional records (wills and deeds, etc.) to see if we can connect. And I get enough information for that with HVRI alone. Of course, the downside to that is if you have a very common type, you may get a ton of matches that you would call false positives had you also done HVR2 and that didn't match.
Then comes the issue of upgrades. For those interested in genealogy mostly, you may test HVRI only , and then upgrade if you have 1,000 hits. In my case, I had so few matches that I could email everyone and see what kind of reply I would get. But then again, I am the type of person who really will email 150 people and go over each and every one of them. Other people may not have that dedication, at least in part due to more fertile fields laying elsewhere. But for me, my pedigree is developed enough that the DNA tests of various kinds are the only game in town.
I did HVRI for me, and my dad, and a cousin, and will have my wife tested under the present reduced pricing...and I have never regretted doing only HVRI in those cases, and do not foresee upgrading any of those mtDNA tests for genealogical purposes, though I may upgrade to full sequence just to amuse myself.
And just for completeness, as far as Y tests go, genealogically, I don't see need for 111 marker, or 67, or really even 37. I think if you already suspect a line, and the "match" is waiting for you to test, then 12 is almost always enough for that. If not, then 12 is just usually not enough that it makes 25 worthwhile, just because ordering upgrade takes some effort. But 25 is "on the outs", and 37 really isn't much more anyway, so that's what I recommend usually, though I think mostly overkill. And as far as FF, I had my dad and mom both do it. But since I know all but two ancestors out to 7 generations, I think I'll likely not learn much from it. I think FF is best for finding the holes inside 5 generations.

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Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andme test vs. mtDNA full sequencing for genealogy
Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012, 4:30 PM

Thanks Ann, Bob and Jim for your quick responses!

I'm very new to dna and was hoping to get tested later this year for my 
birthday and had been checking out 23andme, ftdna and the new test coming to  I'm interested in both health and genealogy so I was leaning 
towards 23andme.  I'm definitely getting the 23andme test done but when I 
saw the sale on the ftdna site I started looking the tests over and was 
wondering if I would get more genealogy information from the full sequence
mtDNA  test. 

If I'm understanding you all correctly, I probably won't get much more 
genealogy information from doing that test then I will already have from the 
23andme test.  When I finally get my 23andme test I do plan to pay to have 
the results transferred to relative finder on the ftdna site.

I've been working on genealogy for many years and a lot of the lines in my 
family tree go way back to the 1600's.  I have English, Irish, Scottish, 
German and Dutch heritage.  I think maybe I will hold off on the mtDNA full 
sequencing for now and reconsider at some time in the future. 

Ann, could you tell me what finding completely novel mutations would help 
with.  Would they tell you something about your health or genealogy? 

Thanks again,

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Why do you want your mtDNA? If you want to donate the  results to science,
get the full test. If you are curious about the Hg, you'll  get that with
the 23&Me test. Only in very unique situations would you  need more for

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> I'm going to be getting my dna tested by 23andme and I'm  wondering how
> additional information I would get if I also went  ahead and got a mtDNA
> full  sequencing done by ftdna.  Is  it worth the added expense of having
> done?  What  would I gain?
> Kathy
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