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Subject: The Data Banks on Italian emigrants to the United States, Argentina and Brazil
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 16:37:30 -0700

The Data Banks on Italian emigrants to the United States, Argentina and

The United States data bank was created by Temple University - Balch
Institute - Center for Immigration Research (Philadelphia), directed by Ira
It contains the files on about 200,000 Italian emigrants recorded in the
Ship Passenger Lists who arrived in New York between 1880 and 1891.

In Argentina work was conducted by the Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latino
Americanos, directed by Luigi Favero.
The Argentinian data bank is made up of 1,020,000 files on Italians who
arrived in Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1920. The information is taken from
the disembarkment lists (Registro general de los inmigrantes and Lista de

Work in Brazil was directed by Aurelia Castiglioni (University of Espirito
Santo) and Mauro Reginato (University of Turin).
The data bank is mainly based on information taken from the embarkment
registers of ships leaving Italy, to which have been added checks and
additions through other archive sources. The information covers about 27,000
Italian emigrants who arrived in Vitoria between 1858 and 1899.

The Giovanni Agnelli Foundation publishes a semiannual journal dedicated to
the Italian emigration and communities in the world, "Altreitalie". You can
get a free Internet subscription to "Altreitalie" at the following address:

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