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From: <>
Subject: Re: Irish on PBS
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 18:12:54 GMT

The first segment was indeed interesting but, I am still a bit
confused. Did the potato blight strike the entire island? Were the
very northern counties just as dependent on the potato for survival?
Both of my great grandparents families lived in Co. Tyrone. It
appears that around 1847 or 1848, both families immigrated to the
Glasgow area and found work in the fields and the mines. Is this a
typical scenario of the time? Your comments would be appreciated.

Ron Hendry

On 27 Jan 1998 14:43:28 GMT, "Denise Corbett"
<> wrote:

>As a Canadian of Irish descent I found it quite interesting (although I
>doubt parts 2 & 3 dealing with the Irish in the US will be quite as
>interesting for me). However, I must say, this is the first time I have
>heard of the Irish, in particular the famine Irish, referred to, over and
>over again, as the Potato People. The first part was interesteing but could
>have dealt a little more with the British response on more than just a
>political level. I have to agree though - it is surprising that they
>survived!! Although, given what our ancestors lived through (famine aside -
>don't forget the almost successful attempt to eradicate culture, religion,
>and language, not to mention way of life), it is not surprising that we
>persist... or that we don't forget....
>BERNIE QUIGLEY <> wrote in article
>> Part 1 was fabulous it's a wonder we servive as a people!!
>> Maybe a chat after it's finished should be set up? I'm in!!!

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