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From: "Mac" <>
Subject: Re: A disappointing visit to Dublin.
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 23:20:45 +0100

Hi Irene

You are getting two different organisations mixed up. In Nenagh there is
the Tipperary North Family History Foundation. Tipperary Heritage Unit in
based in Tipperary Town. They are two completely different organisations.

In either case it took the staff at the centre only a short few minutes to
check on their database ONLY because of the years of effort in deciphering
and entering into the database the thousands of entries - partly that is
what you are paying for when you use one of these centres.

For more information on Tipperary Heritage Unit see
I'm not sure if TNFHF has a web site of it's own (as opposed to the listing
on the Mayo page posted previously by Dennis Ahern and available from the
Tiara site!).


Irene Hunt <> wrote in message
>I've just returned from 51/2 months in the Uk including a trip to Ireland
>where I visited the Tipperary Heritage Unit in Nenagh. I already knew what
>my husbands great great grandparents names were and I already knew what
>their childrens names and years of birth were. I happily paid the 20
>sterling (at the time the equivalent to $50 Australian) for a search on the
>family. All I got was the baptism dates and parish. Very expensive. Why
>can't the Tipperary Heritage Unit play the game and charge for the amount
>info. It took them 15 minutes to extract this from their data base and
>transcribe onto a pro forma sheet. I would have liked the female line
>looked at and the brother of the person in question but that would have
>me another 20 pounds sterling each. $100 in my money. Irene Hunt

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