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From: "Irene Hunt" <>
Subject: Re: A disappointing visit to Dublin and Tipperary.
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 14:20:03 +1000

It was actually the Tipperary North Family History Research Centre at
Nenagh. My mistake. Doesn't alter the fact that I still only got what I
already had for 20 pounds. Irene hunt
Vicki Smith wrote in message <>...
>I, too, agree with Irene. While I understand the time and expense involved
>transposing the records of the 46 parishes of Tipperary onto Computer, I
>that the charges are excessive.
>I had only 2 parishes of the 46 searched for 15 Irish pounds. I realise
this was
>a gamble - but I certainly could not afford to have the whole 46 parishes
>searched. When you have a dozen or so Irish ancestors who left little info
>their beginnings - only 'born Ireland' or 'born Tipperary' and often little
>no details of their parents - and when they were born in the early 1800s
>arrived in Australia in the early to mid 1800s where do you go to get
>information for a reasonable price?
>The Griffiths Valuations are of little use because you are not sure of the
>parents names and you definitely don't know the townland. The Tithes
>of the 1820s are of similar value.
>Please advise
>Mac wrote:
>> Hi Irene
>> You are getting two different organisations mixed up. In Nenagh there is
>> the Tipperary North Family History Foundation. Tipperary Heritage Unit
>> based in Tipperary Town. They are two completely different
>> In either case it took the staff at the centre only a short few minutes
>> check on their database ONLY because of the years of effort in
>> and entering into the database the thousands of entries - partly that is
>> what you are paying for when you use one of these centres.
>> For more information on Tipperary Heritage Unit see
>> I'm not sure if TNFHF has a web site of it's own (as opposed to the
>> on the Mayo page posted previously by Dennis Ahern and available from the
>> Tiara site!).
>> Mac
>> Irene Hunt <> wrote in message
>> 9hEN2.1778$...
>> >I've just returned from 51/2 months in the Uk including a trip to
>> >where I visited the Tipperary Heritage Unit in Nenagh. I already knew
>> >my husbands great great grandparents names were and I already knew what
>> >their childrens names and years of birth were. I happily paid the 20
>> pounds
>> >sterling (at the time the equivalent to $50 Australian) for a search on
>> >family. All I got was the baptism dates and parish. Very expensive.
>> >can't the Tipperary Heritage Unit play the game and charge for the
>> of
>> >info. It took them 15 minutes to extract this from their data base and
>> >transcribe onto a pro forma sheet. I would have liked the female line
>> >looked at and the brother of the person in question but that would have
>> cost
>> >me another 20 pounds sterling each. $100 in my money. Irene Hunt

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