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From: Elizabeth Hendrickson <>
Subject: Re: LDS is Useless
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:03:31 -0700

Yesterday, I entered my GGreat Grandmother, Celeste DENEAU, into the
search engine there along with Thomas LE MAY, her husband and DENEAU as
the father's name. I got an Ancestral File taking the LE MAY's back to
1576. I am a happy camper, except now I have to figure out how to cite
and Ancestral File to give credit where credit is due. Lisa

Greg wrote:
> CJBrady wrote:
> > Really can't think why they have bothered putting their dbs
> > online.
> >
> > See
> >
> > There's hardly any data for this century available, especially for
> > the UK. I looked for a whole bunch of relatives - all of whom I
> > have passed away since they were born in the late 1800s/early
> > 1900s - and their details are simply not there. In fact I have
> > just wasted about 5 hours trying to find anyone I know about - and
> > failed everytime.
> >
> > The other irritation is that the catch all listing of web
> > sites at the end of a search are damned commercial sites who
> > charge for further searching rather than amateur family name
> > sites.
> >
> > Have others had the same problem? I thought the UK Info CD was bad
> > but the LDS site is diabolical.
> >
> > CJB.
> >
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> > Homepage: http://ourworld/
> Actually I managed to trace some (possible) ancestors using it, back to
> the 17th Century. I think it is a potentially useful resource.
> On the other hand, people should keep in mind the limitations of the IGI
> (and other LDS resources). Not all the information in it is reliable.
> Some of it comes from civil & church records, but much of it has been
> submitted by Mormons researching their ancestry to the central
> repository in Salt Lake City, and is un-verified. That is, the compilers
> of the IGI take for granted the veracity of the information submitted
> and do not do external checks (as far as I am aware).
> Incidentally, Mormons compile all this stuff because of their belief in
> baptising their dead ancestors into the LDS church, and sealing their
> (ancestors') eternal marriages in a Mormon Temple. They believe only
> those with eternal marriages can attain the highest level of salvation
> and populate their own planets. Fortunately for those of us with less
> exotic reasons for doing genealogy, this leads them to their zealous
> production of resources like FamilySearch.
> regards,
> Greg

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