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From: jim gordon <>
Subject: Re: LDS is Useless
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 16:51:48 -0400

Richard ---

"LDS is Useless" is rather a broad statement to make. The LDS NEVER
claimed they had ALL the records for EVERYONE, ANYWHERE in the world at
ANY point in TIME.
I will grant you that looking for the Irish in the IGI or the LDS AF CAN
BE frustrating; but where else have you looked?
Secondly, you appear to be replying to a previous post; therefore I
advise both of you to look elsewhere and, in the meantime, hold your

Now, let me ask a few questions:

1) Who told you he was born in Ireland?
2) What is the basis for saying he was born 1855 - 1860? If it's from a
census, have you checked both the previous and following censuses?
3) Assuming you are in the US, do you have his Naturalization
Certificate or Application for Citizenship?
4) If in the U.S., have you looked at Filby's "Passenger Lists" series?
5) He was evidently married as he's your ggf. Do you have his marriage
certificate? How about his death certificate? Somone in your family HAS
to have an idea where he died or is buried.
6) Have you looked at U.S. cenuses?

Bottom line: The LDS is NOT A be-all and end-all to genealogical
research. There's a lot more out there than the LDS! Have you visited
TIARA's web site? If not, do so.



Jim Gordon, Laurel, MD USA

Richard Bannister wrote:
> i had a g.g.father born in ireland no area known his name was Frank
> G.Hogan he was born around 1855,1860

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