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From: "Denis Grant" <>
Subject: Re: Mc.Carthy Mor
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 21:03:59 -0400

The difference is that the Taliban are in Afghanistan, the Irish and English
Peers and their lands are in the "Republic" of Ireland. To my knowledge
the Government of Afghanistan never disposessed any Irush peasants to
create a Sultanate which was then given to an Afghani. So what point do you
think you are making with this irrelevant comparison? I rather expected you
would engage in sophistry and evasion.
BTW have they caught the English Peer absentee of Ireland who absconded
having murdered his wife some years ago or is it still the same as at last
hearing when the hapless Irish tenants were still paying rent to his

Despite the work of the Genealogical Office in circumventing the
constitutional ban, the idea of an Irish Chief in the Republic is a fantasy
on par with the say the titles of Masonry. Dreams of Feudal restoration are
not uncommon in the world of today and usually romanticise a past of horrid
bondage. Why even the barbarism of Tsardom is being represented as idyllic.


From: Sean Mac Lochlainn
Subject: Re: Mc.Carthy Mor

> (Denis Grant) wrote:

> > Big deal
> > if this lack is in everything but fact. Are there or are there
> > not English
> > and Irish Peers of the British realm with titles relating to
> > geographic
> > entities in the Republic and "title" to large tracts of the
> > "Republic". In
> > other words is there not de facto recognition of "honours and
> > pageantry" in
> > the "Republic", even if there is de jure non-recognition of same?
> In Ireland there are a couple of dozen Gaelic chiefs and a few dozen
> more who hold peerages deriving from the English crown.
> Neither of these groups are a creation of the Irish Republic, which was
> not in existence before 1916.
> The Irish Government simply recognises that these groups exist, just as
> it recognises that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan exists.
> Is the Irish Republic a lavish spectacle of Islamic fundamentalism as a
> result?
> Sean

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