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From: "Jimbo" <>
Subject: Re: More Irish sayings & food
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 23:16:30 -0000

On the Irish sayings,

a common one in my youth was " A feed that would choke a donkey" Now we
have grandchildren, on the rare occasion when we bring them to a restaurant,
to my shame I have trained our little 4 year old grandson what to say when
asked by the waitress what he would like, he pipes out "A feed that would
choke a donkey" It goes down a ball, I do believe we get extra helpings!

Jim in County Armagh.

Thomas and Kathleen Martin <> wrote in message
> My grandmother came from County Longford, and she used to say, "He's Irish
as Pat Murphy's pig!" They used to call me "The little aristocrat." When I
was young and we were low on food my mother used to make "Potatoes Kolcannon
(?)," which was mashed potatoes with onion and lots of butter. Was that I
real dish I wonder, or just a fantasy?

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