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From: EveningStar <>
Subject: Re: Going to Ireland? Beware!
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 06:23:23 GMT

auntiedo wrote:

> Sorry you had difficulty, it must have put an awful downer on your holiday.
> But thievery is not limited to certain countries. Common sense dictates
> that caution should be used abroad as well as at home - in all things.

Uh, sorry but this is a specific problem. when I was in Dublin 3 years ago, my
husband and I were going to leave the packed van on the street long enough to
go into St. Patrick's for a quick look around. A well dressed man who was a
complete stranger advised us to not leave the vehicle unattended (we had been
warned, but just this once?). So we didn't, we took turns being tourists which
was a pain but not as much as if something had happened to the van/our stuff.
We did get spray pain on the side overnight in Limerick but it cam off with
rubbing compound.

I'd say that Ireland is worse than most US cities--not all and depends where.


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