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From: "John McQuilliams" <>
Subject: Re: 1642 Muster roll
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 19:44:33 -0700


Research has been made on this particular information which is stored in
the Records at Kews,England. The records are in the Public Domain and exist
in several locations elsewhere. These other locations may claim proprietary
rights, and do, in that they may hold a copy of the records in their system.
But they cannot claim copyright to them.
Parts of these records have been published in other books, primarily by
Dobson in the 1920's, but he cannot claim copyright to the records pursue,
only to his book.
It is my personal belief that records of this type should be made available
to any interested party at the smallest expense possible to do with as they

John McQuilliams

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