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From: "twistedmom" <>
Subject: Re: Virus Warning
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 09:13:36 GMT
References: <lP8Y6.7596$>, <9y9Y6.104807$>, <01c0fab2$4ede7b60$948791c2@default>

No, I doubt it was sent to me knowingly. I understand how these virus work.
I have no idea who this person was who sent it, but I do know that on the
safe side I sent email directly to the person and replied to the message
about a virus here for all to beware of it. The funny part was I also
received the ha ha virus shortly after that one. It makes no difference, I
protect my machines and I have three here networked together including a
hardware router. Regardless, just because I received this through a thread,
it does not mean I blame the person who started the thread.


"Trees4Wood" <> wrote in message
> Do you think I unwittingly sent you a virus as the subject was mine or was
> it someone
> you were discussing the subject with Regina?
> I'd hate to think I had done that especially as I have my HD checked
> regularly for viri and don't use Outlook Express either.
> Puzzled.
> T4W
> twistedmom <> wrote in article
> <9y9Y6.104807$>...
> > I also got one regarding Late registration. only mine was a bit
> different
> > virus.
> >
> > This file: "images.pif" was infected with: "W32.Badtrans.13312@mm"
> >
> > The file was deleted by Norton AntiVirus. Wednesday, June 20, 2001
> >
> > Regina

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