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From: "Alan O'Neill" <>
Subject: Re: Montreal Irish
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 11:34:03 -0500
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"Sue Martinson" <> wrote in message
> Has anyone found any good websites about the emigration to Canada of the
> Irish in 1780 ? ... Why would Irishmen continually marry French women in
Canada ?
> It seems like they were living in a French community or working in an
> industry dominated by the French.

Below is a snip from our web pages on the Wild Geese. Possibly your family
was in Canada Slightly prior to 1780.
You might find this interesting...

"The Irish Brigade, pride of the French Army, served under General Montcalm
in the French - English Wars in North America. The first battle was on the
8th of September 1755 between 3,000 of the Irish Brigade and 9,000 of the
British General William Johnson's forces. The British were left demoralized
by their loss. Incidentally, Johnson was himself an O'Neill descended from a
Shane O'Neill whose son adopted the surname MacShane which was eventually
changed to Johnson (see our Tyrone O'Neill Clan genealogy page). A small
group had fought in the decisive Battle of the Plains of Abraham, though
their 'colours' were not present (possibly because they weren't suppose to
be there "by treaty"). General Wolfe's army recognized them by their
distinctive red and green uniform jackets. Unfortunately Montcalm did not
wait for the full force of the Irish Brigade to assemble before going into
this battle. If he had, the outcome may have been quite different. Members
of the Irish Brigade in Quebec are recorded with such names as "de Macarti
(MacCarthy), de Patrice (FitzPatrick), Forcet (Forsyth), de Harennes
(O'Hearn) de Klerec (O'Cleary), Sylvain (O'Sullivan) and Riel
(Rielly/O'Rielly as in Louis Riel who was descended from Jack "Devil may
care" Rielly, one of Patrick Sarsfield's Wild Geese). These families have
since been absorbed into French Canadian communities and today, many do not
know their Irish roots. One name that seems to not have changed was

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