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Subject: Re: Best places for Research in Belfast?
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 12:23:12 EST

The National Library of Ireland is one of the greatest libraries in the
world. For many years, the objective of Richard Hayes was it's head and his
chief object was to discover and acquire or borrow for microfilming, all
original manuscripts for and published source materials dated from early
times to the present day which are of a historical, literary, genealogical,
or social nature relating to Ireland.

He and other archivists of Ireland were aware of the mass of records
pertaining to Ire. which were in other public places or in private hands.
Many records were discovered as archivists searched for printed materials
and manuscripts. in all public and known private repositories together with
the British Museum, the Lambeth Palace Library, PRO of London, Bodleian
Library among others. Materials cover a wide variety of subjects and "Mss.
Sources" is a good catalog of the holdings of the Nat'l Library altho at this
point it's dated. I believe it was published about 1980. You will recognize
a listing for a mss. as being held by the Nat'l Lib. in "Mss Sources"
because it won't tell you who holds the manuscript. ;D All other cases
where mss. were located at other repositories, the location of the mss. is
given. The LDS Library has filmed these 11 volumes -
Vols 1-2 Surname Index LDS film 1440939
Vols 3-4 Surname Index 1440940
Vols 5-6 Subject Index 1440941
Vols 7-8 Place Index 1440941 and 1440942
Vol. 9 & 10 Date Index 1440942 and 1440943
Vols ll Manuscripts 1440943
First Supplement (includes some of all of the above) LDS film # 0994079

Before you make your decision as to which libraries you want to visit,
reviewing the above is an absolute must! Any of the above could hold
the origins of your family!

The biggest problem in the past in using the stuff at the Nat'l Library was
that they would not make paper copies so the only recourse a genie had was
to hire a researcher. With the advent of the "Congress" a few years ago, a
new head of the Nat'l Lib. was appointed - a woman - and she felt that it was
in the best interests of Ireland to make copies available to all. If you
find a mss. listed in "Mss. Sources" be sure to note all the particular
reference numbers that go along with it. With those numbers you should be
able to order copies of the mss. However, it would be well to get a cost
estimate first since many of the old mss. are veeery long and the $$$ could
run up. Sad to say, this lady has been replaced. Current policy could have
changed. :(

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