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From: "don johnston" <>
Subject: Re -Jane's "Genealogy - what and where is it?"
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 18:44:49 +1100

<Snip>In the past, when people criticised any person who posted lists of
names or newspaper articles to any genealogy list, I used to 'react' so
to anger with the critic, and defence of the poster -
it didn't have to be me. I used also react when people would ask me what
something I posted had to do with genealogy. The thing though is, that
most of us who make any of these kind of posts, know exactly what it is
we are posting - we know the importance - if the readers don't realise
that - then it is their loss - their minds are closed - and some will
never open. Some people want names, names and more names - nothing but
names - they don't want the history and the character that can be seen
in stories or newspapers - they can't see those things. Other people -
no matter how many names they see being posted - the one they want
doen't turn up and as they see more and more they become angry - they
don't want to see character and they don't see their own information
coming so they lash out.......Now.............sometimes, I post lots and
lots of lists (and boys (Genire list), I wouldn't let my diocescan lists
upset me if I was you - I'll be gone soon enough) - and then, other
times, I can post other things - bits and pieces of what I see as real
genealogy from sources that none of you would ever think of looking

And so say most of us too Jane, an elegant response rather than a retort
!!.....I'm on your side of the fence - with a vengeance, I might add.

Don in Melbourne

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