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Subject: Re: Mary Buchanan McRobert of Stranraer, Scotland (from about 1774 to about 1855)
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 14:55:41 GMT
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On Sat, 01 Mar 2003 05:19:28 GMT, I read these words from
(Sam Sloan) :

>On Sat, 01 Mar 2003 02:59:06 GMT, wrote:
>>On Fri, 28 Feb 2003 18:36:46 GMT, I read these words from
>> (Sam Sloan) :
>>>I just found out yesterday that my Great-Great-Grandfather was named
>>>Thomas McRobert.
>>In which case. You, sir, have my deepest condolences.
>>You appear to be an honorable man and it must have come
>>as a dreadful shock to discover such a "skeleton in the cupboard"
>>(Or perhaps several skeletons if GGGF was from the direct line)
>>Further, I really do hope that the Stranraer connection is a mistake.
>>Is there any mention of a MacLeo family of Portpatrick ?
>>(Old family retainers of the McRobert's who reputedly moved
>>to the Wigtownshire area from Gruinard)
>>-- The Despicable Stewart
>>-- Perfidious Alban
>In the first place, my posting was not a joke.

I didn't think for one moment that it was !

My great-grandmother Elizabeth Grace Thomson really was born
>in Stranraer Scotland and ...... it was only a few days ago that
>I discovered that her mother was Elizabeth McRobert and only
>yesteday that I learned that her father was Thomas McRobert.

I'm certain that all the readers of : scs / sci / scb / rgcp / sgi
(the groups to which you are cross-posting) have read your
previous posts diligently and await, with eager anticipation,
the next ;eap forward in your genealogic search (not).
>Now, what you are claiming on your website at
>is that the McRoberts eat their rivals or even their friends.

Matter of record here on scs, ask anyone !

>You say that my ancestors were cannibals. Of course,
>the chess politics people will be exhaulted at this confirmation
>of their long-held beliefs.

I am glad to hear that the extensive research carried out by my good
friend, Dr Josiah J Jenkins, will meet with such approval from a
previously unknown (to him) sector of the Usenet community.
>Here is a brief quote from your website:
>The MacRobert Clan
>Many people have heard of this infamous clan but very few people
>have ever actually seen one of them, this being mainly due to the
>secretive and almost nocturnal lifestyle in which they exist.
>Most of those who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with them
>have not survived to relate the tale of their terrifying encounter.
>Of those few who have escaped their clutches, none have retained their
>sanity and are now confined to institutions, constantly visited by
>horrors in the night as their tortured minds re-visit their hours,
>days and months when they were held captive by "The MacRoberts of
Here is another, appeded to the end of the above :

Extracted from :
Who Et the Wean ?
A History of the Scottish MacRoberts

Author - Dr Josiah J Jenkins
To be published in Autumn 2003 by
The Perfidious Alban Publishing Co.
>Of course, now that you know that I am one of them, although you claim
>on your website that only five are still alive, I would like to know
>to what extent your website is a joke or is based on actual historical

This is an honestly serious question, right ?

You had the humor by-pass op, didn't you ?

Ooops, maybe you didn't need it.........
I just looked at your home page :

Just, on the off chance, that you are one of those totally
humor-deficient Murkins who sometimes drift into either
scs or sci (our cousins over the water) I will clarify.

Being a Glaswegian, I subscribe to the traditional values
of the West of Scotland culture and most of its practices.

One of these is known locally as -
"Ripping the pish out of someone"

I'm certain that, should you require a translation of that,
some of our American friends would be happy to oblige.

McRobert of McRobert of Jawja, perhaps ?

-- The Despicable Stewart
-- Perfidious Alban

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