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Subject: Re: Genealogy - what and where is it?
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 11:19:50 EST

<< Sean MacLochlainn () wrote:

: seminaries or the hundreds of thousands of newspaper notices of
: births/marriages/deaths scattered among newspaper collections. Like The
: Chief, I wonder if the effort expended by you, Dennis, Cathy and others
: could be better deployed. >>

I'm sure there's a logical reason why anyone other than Dennis, Cathy, etc.,
should be concerned about the efforts expended by them, but so far it has
totally escaped me. If I have to read a message that doesn't apply to my own
genealogy, I'd far rather it be from someone who is actually doing something,
rather than someone who is sitting on their duff, criticizing someone else
for doing it.

All of the things that have been key in my own research, have come about
because I checked something that seemingly had absolutely no application to
my own family, but I checked them anyway.

In my mind, that's what genealogy is all about; not, trying to trim a mailing
list down so only those items of interest to you are on it.

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