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From: Don Moody <>
Subject: Re: Genealogy - what and where is it?
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 18:04:17 +0000
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In message <b3qdvm$rgr$>, Dennis Ahern
<> writes
>Don Moody () wrote:
>: In message <005401c2df88$fc53eca0$>, Jane Lyons
>: <> writes
>: >In the past, when people criticised any person who posted lists of names or
>: >newspaper articles to any genealogy list, I used to 'react' so to
>: > anger with the critic, and defence of the poster - it
>: >didn't have to be me.
><deleted text>
>: No search engine means no use. Search engines which direct to a 'page'
>: with thousands of names, but which do NOT highlight the name searched
>: for wherever it occurs on the page, are not useful. To use jargon, you
>: have to understand for any field of information searching what are its
>: 'indexable concepts' and how the searchers operate in 'fast scan' mode.
>Perhaps you are not aware that everything we say here is archived in a
>searchable database on and the terms you put in for
>a query, be they names, places, or other terms, are highlighted in the
>displayed results. You can also qualify the search to look for postings
>by a specific user. In addition, the soc.genealogy.ireland postings are
>mirrored to the GENIRE-L list, which is also archived online.
> Searchable Archive of GENIRE-L Messages
> Google's Archive of soc.genealogy.ireland
I was discussing general principles of information handling. That some
databases are equipped with effective search engines does not alter the
fact that some are not so equipped. In genealogy you can have a look at
some GENUKI pages if you want to see an example of poor searchability.

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