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From: "Sean MacLochlainn" <>
Subject: Re: R.C. parish lists and their importance............
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 18:17:39 -0000
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M Beaumont wrote:
> Where on Earth did you get the idea I was looking for a Catholic
> priest ? And what makes you think I'm waiting for a priest to
> 'announce' himself ?

I'm not a psychic so pardon me for taking you at your word. On 27/2 you
wrote the following:

"Keep up the good work Jane.
I'm hoping that one day my ancestor might turn up .
Thanks, Mary (in OZ)"

> I have numerous clergy, who's names I know, for generations in the
> "established church", and if their names appear in Jane's lists then I
> am able to locate towns ( which I would never have known about from
> this side of the world) and search through what ever is available re
> that area, in the hope of 'padding out' my family history.

Have you ever tried looking them up in the biographical succession lists of
CoI clergy instead of reinventing the wheel? 'Biographical' means that each
are given a biography (including genealogical info) as far as the
generality of Irish sources allow.

> My ancestors are all those who have gone before me, not just direct
> lines of bare branches.

I think you are confusing ancestor with collateral.

<snip religiously divisive rubbish>


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