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Subject: Re: Melvin, Milwain, Milvain, Millvain, McElvain, McIlvain and McElveen
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 20:18:13 GMT
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On Sat, 01 Mar 2003 16:08:21 GMT, I read these words from
(Sam Sloan) :

>Melvin, Milwain, Milvain, Millvain, McElvain, McIlvain and McElveen

Here we go again !
Would you be good enough to keep these posts to the appropriate
groups ? ie Genealogy.

>My great-great-great-grandmother was named Ann Melvin. She was born in
>Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire, Scotland on 20 April 1778 and died in
>Biggsville, Illinois on 17 February 1875.
>I was stumped on finding her parentage until I learned from the book
>"Descendants of Hugh Thomson" by Donald C. Thomson that her original
>name had been Milwain and it had been modified to Melvin when she came
>to America. This lead me to her father, James Wilwain (about
>1750-1829) and to his parents Andrew Milwain and Sarah Fee. Most
>people named Sarah Fee are not from Scotland but are from Antrim
>County Ireland which is only 20 miles across the Irish Sea from
>Wigtown County Scotland. I imagine that Sarah Fee came from Ireland
>but nobody by that name goes back that far. Does Ireland have records
>back that far, to about 1720?
>On the IGI I found a person named Rachel Milvain who married John
>McRobert and gave birth to Thomas McRobert on 02 OCT 1792 in
>Stranraer, Wigtown, Scotland and to Mary McRobert 06 DEC 1796
>Stranraer, Wigtown, Scotland. This Rachel Milvain seems likely to be
>the same person as Rachel Millvain who gave birth to Agnes McRobert on
>07 DEC 1786 in New Luce, Wigtown, Scotland. It seems likely that
>Rachel Milvain was a relative of Ann Melvin or Milwain.
>Back then, families tried to marrry close to each other. My
>great-great-grandfather Samuel Thomson, who was the son of Ann Melvin
>or Milvain married Elizabeth McRobert. Therefore, I suspect that the
>Rachel Milvain who married John McRobert was a close relative.
>To further complicate matters, I have noticed on other family trees on
>the Internet that people named Milwain often have parents named
>McElvain, McIlvain or McElveen.
>So, it seems that the names Melvin, Milwain, Milvain, Millvain,
>McElvain, McIlvain and McElveen are all variations of each other. This
>makes it even more difficult to trace back my family tree.
>I grew up learning that some of my ancestors came from Ireland and
>others came from Scotland. I thought that these were two seperate and
>distinct branches of my family. I did not realize that they came from
>a county in Ireland and a county in Scotland which were only 20 miles
>across the Irish Sea from each other. Even my father and my mother,
>who met while attending the State University of Iowa, may have shared
>a common origin which they did not know about or even suspect.
>Any help on this subject will be appreciated.
>Everything I know about this is on my website at around:
>I am updating this website often and the pages may move as I gather
>more information.
>Sam Sloan

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