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From: "Jane Lyons" <>
Subject: Dear Chief............R.C. parishes
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 21:49:04 -0000

Dear 'Chief',

You have commented on the fact that lists of names - particularly the
priests names are irrelevant to those who seek their Irish ancestry as
priests produced no descendants (in theory - my words).

However, when I said that it is not the lists of priests names that are
important in my psots, but the names of the parishes that they were P.P's or
curates of. I have read that priests were sent 'home' to the parishes from
whence they originalted in the various journals.

Over the last while, I have made posts to various lists - with information
on the schools in each diocese, admittedly the name of the 'teachers' or
head of each institution has been in those posts - but my reason for posting
these listrs was not so that the name of the priest would be seen - but that
the name of the institution and the fact that it existed at that time would
be noted.

In my mind, this was an important fact - so many look for schools and places
where their ancestors could have been studying or have been placed as
children - where is there a place in this county of that county or this town
or that town that my ancestor could have been minded and what religious
order would have been minding them.

Because I have seen that question so many times - I decided to put effort
into listing the names of each religious institution in each diocese.

Because my web site may not stay on line, then, these lists were important
enough to post to mail ilsts - so long as a list of names is present in a
mail then it will be indexed by meta engines such as Google and that
information will be available to anyone who reads any such mail, regardless
of whether my web site remains on line or not.

It is my belief that the listing of religious institutions that dealt with
education of any form in any diocese is important.

I alos believe that it is importtant to list the ROman Catholic parishes as
they sttod over the years - these differ in name and number from the
parishes as they stand today. The spelling of the names over the years - or,
changes in these spellings, the factsthat a prish is named today and is not
named in ten years time or would seem to no longer exist, are things that I
also consider to be important. I have listed the parishes as they were
called or the spellings as they were in 1836 on my web site - taken from the
first publiscation of the Irish Catholic Directory of which I have a copy.
On that same page, I have for some or most dioceses a link to the current
Diocesan web site that lists the parishes as they stand today - I also have
a table showing the parish names that are different from those as they stood
in 1931 - indicating those that occur in 1836 but are not mentioned in 1931.
My original idea being to try and track the parishes - to try and work out
where one seems to have disappeared between 1836 and 1931 by looking at the
names for every ten year period - where I find major changes then going back
through that intervening 10 years to work out where that change occurred.

Based on the local post town - it shoudl be possible to give some guesses as
to which parish the missing one was amalgamated with - or was derived from.

Obviously, I am not succeeding in getting the message that this is what I
would like to do across - the importance of these parish name listings - as
I see it - and if someone such as yourself, has looked at my web pages and
failed to see that this is what I am trying to do - albeit slowly - then I
really am barking up the wrong tree in my methods of explaining what I am
trying to do and the reasons for the web pages.

I would really appreciate it if you could offer me guidance as to how these
pages should be presented in order that other people can see that these are
basically lists of Irish ROman Catholic parishes as named in the years they
are on line for and that there are differences between one year and another
and that these closest post towns may be the key to those who wish to find
records for one parish that has moved to another or one that has been
created from another.

That is to say - it is possible that the records for parish D may be found
withing those of Parish B if Parish D was only created in 1866 and Parish B
exists since time immorial and the records for Parish B began 60 years
before those for PArish D.

If, you have no guidance for me, and if your interpretation of my listings
is that they are primarily lists of priests names, then I believe these
pages should be destined for the rubbish bin - there's no point in my
wasting my time on them as Sean and yourself have pointed out.

Thank you.


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