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From: "Jane Lyons" <>
Subject: Dear Dr. Doody - search engines
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 22:10:36 -0000

Dear Dr. Doody,

A I have already said - thank you for your constructive criticism of my
lists - and in that I assume my web site also.

I would appreciate any guidance if you can give it to me - please and

I cannot afford a sophisticated search engine such as you speak of - one
that will give returns on more than one word - but I do have a search engine
on my web site - my site is indexed weekly and this engine wil give returns
on one word. For some words people will get many returns and then for
unusual names they may get one or two.

I had assumed that the fact that Google and the other meta engines was good
enough as regards results - also, there are other search engines that spider
my site. People search for a word or a combination of words, get a return
from the search engine they use with percentage ratings as to their search

It is my belief that all search engines will only return the exact spelling
of any word to you - my site is divided into a number of categories - there
are 32 county pages linked to from the Home page - each of these county
pages carries links to any other page on the site that is specific to that
county - plus some pages that are not county specific.

e.g. my site has Genealogy pages, dealing with Griffiths, the Tithes, Wills
and Deeds and none of these is county specific. Historical references may
be general or county specific - so each individual county page has links to
other pages that do not have any connection to any other county page - or
else links are cross-referenced so to speak - a page is relevant to more
than one county - then it is linked to each county it is relevant to but not
the ones it has no relevance for.

Each page with names - that's indexed by surname and first this way - anyone who goes through that page may possibly
spot the surnames that are phonetically similar to theirs - e.g. Hiland,
Highland, Hyland...........

I had assumed that I had in some ways managed to index my site to such an
extent, that if any person came to one of my county pages then all the most
they had to do was go through each page individually and open the page, go
to their browser search facility and key in the word they were looking for -
if that word was on my page then they would find it without having to read
through the whole document...............

I had assumed that perhaps, even if only for one person, the importance
would lie in finding the exact spelling as their ancestor had given it -
that once they found that spelling and that it had been recorded somewhere
in official documents, then it was up to them to track down that original

I had assumed that there was some importance, not in presenting a family
history or genealogy or parish records to a person, but in working to
present an index with a pointer in some direction for some one or two people
who had no idea where their ancestors came from in
Ireland...............pointing them to or giving them references for or
information on how to obtain the full data as per the reference I presented

Yet, you have pointed out to me that all my pages and all my work, this
search engine that I have on my web site are of absolutely no value at

I do appreciate that knowledge.

Do you have any advise on how I can correct this considering the fact that I
cannot afford the kind of sophisticated search engine you refer to? Or, do
you think that I should just abandon it all - give it up and consider it an
interesting, if failed project that I took on for a few years of my life.

Could you please advise me of your URL, as I would like to see how you
format data.

Thank you.

Jane Lyons, B.Sc. Ph.D. D.E.E.
Dublin, Ireland

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