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From: "Jane Lyons" <>
Subject: Dear Sean -
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 01:01:38 -0000

You have commented that my time and efforts as well as those of other
transcribers could be better spent.

I would like to know exactly how you think that this could be?

The main resources - those with positive identification of family groupings
in genealogy are parish records and civil records.

I transcribe both and give references with different indices. Given the
state of Irish records or the destruction of so many records in 1922, then
gravestone inscriptions become extremely important.

I transcribe gravestones.

Not all of the information that I transcribe is posted to genealogy lists,
or put on my web site - however, a lot is passed on thru personal mails when
I have the information on specific families from areas...........

I cannot put everything on my web site (legally), but I can put indices
pointing people to the originals. It was my intention to try and link and
cross link or cross reference various things on the web site - to continue
to build it as I have been doing since it began and have things come
together as I know some things can............

Over the next few months, I have some deciding to do - the web site itself
is one of my things to make decisions on. If, what I do on lists and if
what I am trying to achieve with the web site are really viewed as of no
real genealogical value, by those who are vocal on lists - who are in their
own ways influential, or whose opinions are considered to be of value - then
I appreciate knowing this. In effect, it will help me make my own final

If, what I do is seen to be worthless, and if, no suggestions can be made as
to how I can change what I already have done - without me having to put in
months of extra work - then, things will be made very easy for me.


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