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From: "Jimmy.john" <>
Subject: Re: Genealogy - what and where is it?
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 16:28:44 +1030
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To the person not wanting to receive Dennis Ahern's postings,
just go and make a "message rule" that says "when the from:
line has people in it , enter "Dennis Ahern" in it in place of
and then select "delete it from the server without downloading".
Save it .
This will stop any further interruption of your day by Dennis
and allow all the others to read his postings without
complaints from you.
Postings are of a general nature and can't accommodate
everyone's tastes, so you need to learn the art of filtering
within your mail reader....most have ability to filter.
If you are using MS Outlook Express and need to know
how to do "filtering" just ask nicely and I will assist you where
I can.
Please remove DONTSPAMME from my address to reply.
"Jeanne Connell" <> wrote in message
> On Sun, 2 Mar 2003 17:33:03 -0000, "Sean MacLochlainn"
> <> wrote:
> >Aileen Howard wrote:
> >> I don't see that it is the responsibility of Dennis Ahern to
> >> everything he finds. Surely it is best just to read the
excerpts in
> >> the spirit of enjoyment and if there is anything relating to
> >> ancestor or relative, that is (or would be) a bonus..
> >
> >It does change how his efforts should be perceived, since it
is clear that
> >he is not undertaking some laudible indexing project.
> >
> >Sean
> >
> >
> Sean,
> I would suggest that you not read Dennis' posts if you don't
find them
> interesting. There are an awful lot us that do enjoy them.
> is not just names and dates. It's also understanding the
climate and
> times in which our ancestors lived.
> Jeanne Connell

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