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From: "Hugh Watkins" <>
Subject: Re: Dear Dr. Doody - search engines
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 08:02:15 -0000
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""Jane Lyons"" <> wrote


> I cannot afford a sophisticated search engine such as you speak of - one
> that will give returns on more than one word - but I do have a search engine
> on my web site - my site is indexed weekly and this engine wil give returns
> on one word. For some words people will get many returns and then for
> unusual names they may get one or two.
> I had assumed that the fact that Google and the other meta engines was good
> enough as regards results - also, there are other search engines that spider
> my site. People search for a word or a combination of words, get a return
> from the search engine they use with percentage ratings as to their search
> combination.

google is good enough
up to 10 carefully chosen seach terms
read advanced search for more knowledge

>> You can increase the accuracy of your searches by adding operators that fine-tune your keywords. <<


much more sophisticated than any of the cheap alternatives

creating a local data base adds to the deep web which is invisible to the big machines
not a good idea generally unless commercial and password protected

KISS is still a good design principal

Hugh W

Teacher Librarian - Infotech - April 2002 Issue
... Further, the new "bow tie" theory of the Internet (developed by Chris Sherman ... search
engines include "the invisible web" or "the deep web" or "the ... -

IBM Think Research Online
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