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From: "Edith Gomez" <>
Subject: Re: Genealogy - what and where is it?
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 15:02:50 GMT
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I agree with you as I also do not have the means to travel, etc. By those
who wish to add some helpful information to soc.genealogy.ireland or any
other news group to help others is to be commended. Those who disagree need
to grow up and take time to help those of less means. IT'S CALLED SHARING!!
The problem that I have been having is when I ask some a question in my
research in Ireland I really don't get a response unless it has something to
do with spending money which I am sure some of don't have enough of.

There are a lot of intelligent people on the news groups but they need to
grow up also as they are letting their intelligence go to their egos which
doesn't make them smart, just smart enough to make them stupid.


"Manus" <> wrote in message
> I know I am going to get blasted but, as far as all these suggestions as
> making newsgroup postings more searchable, did these critics go to the
> where these extract finally rest? If so, and they did not find anything,
> they make positive suggestions so that the desired information be looked
up and
> added? Or did they say to themselves, I can't find anything... it's of no
> Dennis, Kathy, and others have been compiling this information and posting
> a searchable website. This is a great help to those who don't have the
time or
> accessibility to the newspapers of the time.
> I strongly disagree with those who limit genealogy to just that which is
> represented on a simple pedigree chart. And this idea of not including
> information which is relevant to helping locate information and possibly
> sorting out and eliminating similar names to get to the one you want (how
> have a Patrick Kelly in County Galway of the early 1800's?). If we know
> we can eliminate some of the ones that are not who we are looking for,
then we
> can get down to business.
> As far as the civil registration and keeping the postings to the time
> before 1864... I have a number of people who show up in parish registers
> during the time of civil registration but they are not anywhere to be
> So official records are only as good as they are completed and filed.
> And who has access to the newspapers that these extracts come from? I
> been to the National Library and have found that even there, access was
> extremely limited and time consuming, so these newspaper extracts are very
> useful to me. Not everyone has access nor the time to do so (some of us
> employment and family in the present that limits our looking into the
> This reposting of information and where it comes from is the modern
version of
> what our ancestors did when passing down the stories. Only this has more
> veracity and a citation of its source!
> Anyone who sits at their computer and complains without adding value as
far as
> pitching in and helping is not, in my opinion, doing any one good with
> criticism. When a person does one of the following:
> 1) Increases access to the knowledge base,
> 2) Adds to the knowledge base, or
> 3) Helps with training others on how to use the knowledge base,
> then they are of value to those who use the knowledge base.
> I find it puzzling that I do not see any accomplishments online that the
> critics have made accessible to us. Does this mean that any information
> have that I don't is useless because I can't readily find it?
> I suggest that either we put in positive and helpful input into these hard
> workers so that they know what it is that we (customers of their work) get
> we need, or help them with their work, or just plain shut up with the
> criticism.
> All this criticism without putting in the hard work that these people do
> like a bunch of politicians bickering because someone is stealing their
> constituency by doing something that that constituency wants.
> By the way, I am preparing extracts myself and helping others with
> offline and doing it free of charge! Criticise me for that and leave
> other fine folk alone!
> Slan Leat!
> Phil McManus

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