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From: "conaught2" <>
Subject: Re: CONALTY/McNULTY name change
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 12:17:11 -0800
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According to McLysaght , Conalty is a rare Province of Ulster name. No connection to McNulty. There are a few variations of McNulty -
in County Donegal - Mac Connulty
in County Clare - MacAnulty

Conalty - O'Conallta (cu-wolf- allta, wild)

You will find many misspellings and spelling variation of names because people just were not that particular about the spelling for various reasons:

different areas of Ireland spell names differently
names pronounced differently in various parts of Ireland
depending on education of person writing down the record
these are just a few of the reasons you find spelling variations.

Just checked the Griffiths Valuation and Conalty is only found in County Down confirming what McLysaght says regarding it being a rare Province of Ulster name. The townlands mentioned in Drumgooland Parish for Conaltys are beautiful areas. My Rices and Flanagans came from Maghermayo, Drumgooland Parish and in 2000 I drove all around the area. The Silent Valley is close by as well as the Legannany Dolmen.

Slan go foill,
Margaret (Mairead)

Does anyone know for sure what happened to the surname
evolution of McNulty to Conalty OR Conalty to McNulty
in County Down, Drumgooland Lower Parish?
It has been established in my family that the Irish Conalty
(circa 1840) became McNulty in the U.S.
At this point it doesn't appear to be just a name error
made during the immigration process.--Thanks.

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