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From: (Sam Sloan)
Subject: George Thompson and Sarah Taggart
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 16:04:40 GMT

I have a ancestor named George Thompson, born 1750, married Sarah
Taggart in 1770 and died in the American Revolutionary War in 1776
while crossing the Delaware River.

On my family tree, I have George Thompson. He fought and died in the
American Revolutionary War while crossing the Delaware River
presumably with George Washington. George Washington is famous for the
painting of him standing up in a boat while crossing the Delaware

This is the reason that his place of death is listed as "Pennsylvania
or New Jersey", since he died somewhere in the river.

However, this all come from a Lee Family History which was sent to me
by e-mail about two years ago. I have not obtained confirmation of any
of this.

According to this Lee Family History, he had a wife named Sarah
Taggart and they had three children, Harriet, Charlotte and Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was born 17 November 1776 which was just about the time her
father died.

It is my understanding but I have not confirmed this that any woman
including my daughters who can demonstrate descent from this Harriet,
Charlotte or Elizabeth Thompson will be eligible for admission into
the Daughters of the American Revolution.

If that is the case, I cannot understand why there is not more
documentation on this man.

Of his three daughters, Harriet Thompson married Matthew Walker in
Philadelphia on 12 October 1792. No children are known.

Charlotte Thompson married James Sharp on May 8, 1799 in First
Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That marriage comes up in
the IGI. They had James and Sarah Sharp.

Elizabeth Thompson is my great-great-great-grandmother. She married
William Lee in Philadelphia on 14 September 1806. They had five
children and have many descendants named Lee.

I do not know whether George Thompson was born in Scotland, Ireland,
England or America.

I have found on worldconnect.rootsweb a "Private George Thompson" who
was married to Sarah Taggart. This seems likely to be the same person,
but all of the dates are off.

Most importantly, that Private George Thompson died in 1780, not in

Everything I have about this is on my site at

However, I have not been able to obtain confirmation of any of it.

Also, note that this George Thompson is from my father's side. The
Thomson Family from which I am descended on my mother's side is well
documented as being from Stranraer, Scotland but has no known
relationship with this George Thompson on my father's side.

Sam Sloan

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