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From: (Sam Sloan)
Subject: Re: George Thompson and Sarah Taggart
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 17:03:37 GMT
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At 10:02 AM 3/5/2003 -0600, Mac Smith wrote:
> Dear Sam,
> I believe that my Grahams went to North Carolina from Virginia. They were
>never in the Northern Colonies.
> MacLeod Smith

My Grahams went from South Carolina in 1775 to Iowa by the 1850s. I am
still hoping to establish a relationship with the Southern Grahams
like Reverend Billy Graham of North Carolina and Senator Phil Graham
of Florida, plus Ernest Graham, a famous architect in Chicago. I am
hoping to inherit their millions.

The reason I also sent this posting to the Graham list is that my
great-great-grandfather Samuel Allison Graham married Elizabeth Grace
Thomson and they had eight children. Also, there are other cases of
persons named Thomson marrying persons named Graham. They all had lots
of children, so there are now a great number of people with the names
Graham and Thomson.

To illustrate, my great-great-great-grandfather Hugh Thomson had eight
children. His son Samuel Thomson also had eight children. Their
daughter Elizabeth Grace Thomson who married Samuel Allison Graham
also had eight children. The father of Samuel Allison Graham, William
M. Graham, also had eight children. His father, Andrew Graham, who
also served in the American Revolutionary War under the name Grimes,
had 14 children by three or four different wives. (The number of wives
he had is disputed).

The daughter of Samuel Allison Graham was my grandmother, Mary
Elizabeth Graham. However, she broke the family tradition by having
only six children. I have restored the family tradition by having
eight children myself.

Look around you. All you can see are Grahams and Thomsons. We have got
you surrounded. We are taking over the world. Give up! Resistance is

Sam Sloan

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