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From: "roy french" <>
Subject: Re: Genealogy - what and where is it?
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 02:03:04 -0500
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I am in much the same boat as yourself.

We are on an EXTREMELY modest fixed income and do not have the financial
resources to engage professional researchers nor to acquire the literally
dozens of BMD certificates necessary to verify or to further our research.

I am a senior (70)-newbie to both genealogy and computers. With the
exception of the "Ireland" list to which I have recently unsubscribed, and
in the last few weeks a few individuals on the "Genire" list, I have found
the other lists to be most helpful and gracious in their responses to

No one is asking for a "free" ride. A nudge in the right direction is
usually all that is requested, or required.

Yes, I do take advantage of websites such as Jean McCarthy, Ros Davies,
Raymond Kelly, Jane Lyons, etc., In the few months I have been involved in
genealogy, most of what little knowledge I have garnered has come from sites
like theirs. Plus the postings and responses on the numerous Irish mailing

I'm sure my research would progress much quicker, and probably be more
accurate, if I could afford the services of a professional researcher. I
can't, so I will plod along at my own pace and enjoy whatever successes come
along, albeit maybe few and far between.

My real concern is the holier-than-thou attitude of a few on the list who
cannot seem to abide others asking "silly" questions or who should be
seeking professional research advice.

Nor the denigration of those on the list who spend hours transcribing
various documents and newspapers. Perhaps the complainants would be be
kind enough to post their websites so we could all see the proper
methodology, and be guided accordingly.

Edith, perhaps if you wish to respond you could do it off list as I will be



Mississauga - Canada

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