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From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <>
Subject: !! Ballina Chronicle; May 2, 1849 #3
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 18:45:52 -0600

Wednesday, May 2, 1849

Promotions and Exchanges
War-Office, April 27

1st Regiment of Life Guards-Cornet and Sub-Lieutenant Arthur Walshe to
be Lieutenant by purchase, vice Leslie, who retires; Henry Wyndham, Gent to
be Cornet and Sub-Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Walsh.
14th Light Dragoons-Acting Veterinary Surgeon Alexander Williamson
Caldwell to be Veterinary Surgeon, vice Philips, appointed to the 7th Light
1st or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards-Lieut. Colonel William Nelson
Hutchinson from the 20th Foot, to be Captain and Lieutenant Colonel, vice
Cunynghame, who exchanges.
Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards-Lieutenant and Captain Matthew
Edward Tierney to be Captain and Lieutenant Colonel by purchase, vice
Forbes, who retires; Ensign and Lieutenant Ulick Canning Lord Dunkellin, to
be Lieutenant and Captain, by purchase vice Tierney; Sir James Dunlop, bart.
to be Ensign and Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Lord Dunkellin.
7th Foot-Lieut. James John Lloyd, from the Royal Canadian Rifle
Regiment, to be Lieutenant, vice Dawkins, appointed to the 35th Regt. of
10th-Ensign and Adjutant George Thompson Whitaker to have the rank of
Lieutenant; Ensign Wm. Henry Peter Gordon Bluett to be Lieutenant, without
purchase, vice Herbert; died of his wounds; Ensign Milo Valentine Maher,
from the 66th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Bluett.
20th- Captain and Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Augustus Thurlow
Cunynghame, from the 1st or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards, to be
Lieutenant-Colonel, vice Hutchinson, who exchanges.
22- Ensign Augustus James Beaufort Lochlan Butt to be Lieutenant,
without purchase, vice Carrow, deceased; Ensign Wm Caircross, from the 50th
Foot, to be Ensign, vice Butt.
25th- Quartermaster Serjeant Robert Malcolm to be Quartermaster, vice
John Potts, who retires upon half pay.
38th-Captain James Steadman Hawker Farrer from the 50th Foot to be
Captain, vice Anderson, who exchanges; vice Jarvis, who retires; Wm.
Maunsell, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Daniel.
39th-Frederick Charles D'Epernay Barclay, Gent., to be Ensign by
40th-Acting Assistant Surgeon John Coghlan Haverty to be Assistant
Surgeon, vice Kingdom, appointed to the Staff.
51st- Samuel Robbins, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase.
56th- Captain Thomas Anderson, from the 38th Foot, to be Captain, vice
Farrer, who exchanges; Thomas John Saddler, Gent., to be Ensign, without
purchase, vice Cairneross, appointed to the 22d Foot.
66th- Florence Nash, Gent to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Maher,
appointed to the 10th Foot.
96th- To be Lieutenants, without purchase-Ensign Octavius Lowry, vice
Griffiths, deceased; Ensign Chas. Anderson, vice Lowry, whose promotion, on
29th December, 1848, has been cancelled. To be ensign without
purchase-Colour-Sergeant James Menzies, vice Anderson.
1st West India Regiment-Lieutenant Wm. Sankey, to be Captain, by
purchase, vice Olphera, who retires; Ensign Juliuis William Thompson, to be
Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Matthew Fanning appointed to the 64th
Foot; Ensign Courtenay Thomas Hammill to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice
Sankey; Frederick Mares Godden, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice
2d West India Regiment- Ensign Thomas Gibbings, to be Lieutenant,
without purchase, vice Wright appointed to the 83d Foot; John Foulks Becher,
Gent., to be Ensign, vice Gibbings; Horatio James Wise, Gent. to be Ensign,
vice Palacios, appointed to the Cape Mounted Riflemen.
3d West India Regiment- To be Lieutenant without purchase-Ensign George
Sotherby Tyler, vice Amiel, appointed to the 80th Foot; Ensign William Ivers
Lutman, vice Grant, appointed to the 96th Foot.
To be Ensign, without purchase-William Beverley Robinson, Gent, vice
Cape Mounted Riflemen-Ensign Edward Muckton Jones to be Lieutenant,
without purchase, vice Walters, appointed to the 73d Foot; Ensign Frederic
Cipriano Palacios, from the 2d West India Regiment, to be Ensign, vice

Cathy Joynt Labath
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